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September 18 2008

Very rare: 1980 Vauxhall Chevette HS 2300 16v

Update 23/9:  This auction seems to have ended on a bit of a downer. With one day to go the seller announced the head gasket is going, then the highest bidder pulls his bid. The car made just over £5000. Somehow we feel the seller shot in his own foot a bit with this one.


In 1978, Vauxhall decided to take its popular Chevette model into rallying. This meant they had to make 400 homologation cars. Ford had its Escort, Fiat had its 131 Abarth, Talbot had the Sunbeam Lotus, and Vauxhall created the Vauxhall Chevette HS.



To create its new racer, Vauxhall dug into the General Motors parts bin and came up with the 2.3-litre engine from the HC range, the suspension, brakes and rear axle from the Kadette C GT/E, and the wheels from the Chevrolet Vega. It was over twice the price of a normal Chevette and Vauxhall struggled to shift the cars. Some were painted black to become the super rare HS-X. The last 40 were used to make the HSR model.



This particular car, for sale out of Lancashire, is a very tidy example. Not surprisingly as it has been in storage for 15 years. On its recommissioning, the engine was completely rebuilt, the bottom end lightened and the car was fitted with high pressure oil pump, stainless steel exhaust, oil cooler, and electric fuel pump.



The interior has been cleaned up and features the original red tartan cloth. The car comes with a sunroof, but as there are other HSs with different sunroofs, we think this could have been an aftermarket addition. The car comes with a few scratches and blemishes, it also features a different front bumper/spoiler than standard. On the rear offside panel seems to be a little hole …



The car is listed here on ebay UK out of Lancashire and has already made its reserve. It has probably over 300 people watching the auction, including Classic Car Hunter of course, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the car makes close to double the £5000 it is on at the moment.  

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